Trails Summary


Length 2 km HIKING Intermed.
Ascent 56 m BIKING Intermed.
Descent 150 m

Short multi-loop, single track trail that leads from McRae Creek Rd. to Biner Rd. which is the trail head of the Deer Point Trail. Varied terrain including dry forested rocky hillsides with steep sections & frequent panoramic views of the lake.

Borris - lower

Length 2.1 km HIKING n/a
Ascent 13 m BIKING Expert
Descent 416 m

BIKING ONLY. Colourful rock faces at your feet, enjoy the chorus of songbirds & take in the mountain flowers blooming year-round. Mostly single track with a few wider portions & clearings. Trail descends from here down to West Lake Drive.

Borris - Upper

Length 832 m HIKING n/a
Ascent 1 m BIKING Difficult
Descent 122 m
BIKING ONLY. Get your blood flowing on this short but exhilarating trail. Diverse scenery of landscapes including lake views,
mountain peaks and ridge lines, with romantic vantage points perfect for a picnic.


Burnt Basin

Length 7.2 km HIKING Intermed.
Ascent 162 m BIKING Intermed.
Descent 415 m

All mountain forest trail with a short steep climb at the beginning followed by occasional traverses & long fast descends. Charred by historical forest fires, discover a unique landscape that is home to a myriad of mushroom species year-round.

Christina Creek

Length 2.8 km HIKING Easy
Ascent 85 m BIKING Easy
Descent 71 m HORSE Easy

This multi-loop trail follows along the shores of Christina Creek, the only outflow of Christina Lake. Giant ponderosa pines are home to feathered friends & along the shorelines more great photo opportunities of wildlife like beaver, muskrat & deer await.

Christina Crest

Length 16.5 km HIKING Expert
Ascent 1131 m BIKING Expert
Descent 714 m    

A rugged & remote backcountry trail following the ridgeline from Santa Rosa Summit. to Mt. St. Thomas. Alpine meadows & rock bluffs provide panoramic views in all directions, including views of Christina Lake & Big Sheep Creek valley. Be prepared for wilderness travel with frequent windfall & snow well into July.

Community Park

Length 2.7 km HIKING Easy-
Ascent 0 flat BIKING Easy
Descent 0 flat

Close to city amenities, 8 family-friendly bird-themed trails take you along the south shorelines of the lake, through a small mixed forest & meadows. Swim spots dotted along trail. Observe otters, beavers, whitetail deer & various birds.

Dave Swetland

Length 5.3 km HIKING Intermed.
Ascent 23 m BIKING Difficult
Descent 677 m

Honouring legendary free-rider Dave Swetland of the Kootenay Boundary, this trail is loaded with fun for any biker. From rocky ridges to gullies of aspen & cypress, experience a variety of terrain with well-built stunts & a steep descent.

Deer Point

Length 10.5 km HIKING Intermed.
Ascent 327 m BIKING Intermed.
Descent 350 m

Steep sections level out to rolling hills while following the eastside shoreline of the lake. Giant cedar trees & a sandy beach await you at the North end. The midway point offers access to a marine campsite. After crossing Sander Creek, this trail connects with the Xenia Lake trail.

- lower -

Length 6 km HIKING Intermed.
Ascent 51 m BIKING Intermed.
Descent 633 m

This popular mountain bikers trail has steep & loose sections. Historically the roadway for mining activity, take a stroll through time, leading through forests to viewpoints of the valley & the lake near the top.

- Upper -

Length 5.7 km HIKING Intermed.
Ascent 18 m BIKING Intermed.
Descent 634 m

Find all the viewpoints to scenery overlooking the Kettle Valley & south to the USA. This historical trail is over 150 years old, being the original horse pack route through the region. This section of the trail connects with Dewdney Lower at Dupee Rd.

Gilpin Grasslands

Length 5 km HIKING Intermed.
Ascent n/a BIKING Intermed.
Descent n/a HORSE Intermed.

Dry grassland hills, along with views of the Kettle River make this single to double track trail an interesting stop. Set in the sunniest part of town watch for bighorn sheep, rattle snake & the colour changing mountain flowers..

Green Tunnel

Length 10.8 km HIKING Intermed.
Ascent 295 m BIKING Intermed.
Descent 650 m HORSE Intermed.

Overhanging cedar trees tower above resembling that of a tunnel. Following through a secondary growth forest, find the creek and great viewpoints along the way. Keep your senses alert for wildlife.

Mary`s Lookout

Length 2.2 km HIKING Intermed.
Ascent 271 m BIKING n/a
Descent 32 m

HIKING ONLY due to extremely steep sections. This hiking trail leads from McRae Creek Rd. to Biner Rd. above Badger Trail. Multiple viewpoints make the initial steep sections worth the ascent. Mixed forests provide the perfect backdrop to hear & see a variety of birds including bald eagles.


Length 3 km HIKING Easy
Ascent 0 flat BIKING Easy
Descent 0 flat

Family friendly trail, taking you along Hwy 3 providing ample opportunity to explore local shops & eateries. Midway through you will find yourself creekside & walking the quaint neighborhoods that line the lake.

Sandner Creek

Length 9 km HIKING Intermed.
Ascent n/a BIKING Intermed.
Descent n/a

Experience unique geological formations that extend alongside Sandner Creek past a handful of historical sites including an old homestead. Fall is a great season to come & watch the kokanee salmon and rainbow trout spawn in the creek. Unmaintained trail.

Spooner Creek

Length 4.25 km HIKING Intermed.
Ascent 43 m BIKING Difficult
Descent 539 m

Classic single-track mountain bike trail providing technical sections; climbing, steep descents & optional stunts down to Westlake Dr. Mixed forest with ferns, many rocky sections including bluffs & spots to viewpoints looking East over Christina Lake.

Cascade - Grand Forks

Length 19 km HIKING Easy
Ascent 0 flat BIKING Easy
Descent 0 flat HORSE Easy

Fantastic views of the roaring falls. If you’re lucky find the cave beneath you and be careful around the many bluffs all around. Walk through the ruins of historical spillways & pen stocks that used to house the water from the old electrical dam.

Trans Canada:
Fife - Santa Rosa

Length 4.6 km HIKING Easy
Ascent 1 m BIKING Easy
Descent 77 m HORSE Easy

The 1.7% grade makes this trail family-friendly. Walk the historical rail bed, past mountainsides, curious small caves and other historical relics found dotted along the way. Great birdwatching can be had with trees lining the path on either side.

Trans Canada:
Paulson - Fife

Length 17.5 km HIKING Easy
Ascent 5 m BIKING Easy
Descent 506 m HORSE Easy

This portion of the former Columbia & Western Railroad descends from the Paulson Bridge down to Christina Lake with a grade of 2%. It provides a great half-day cycle following through the forest leading through a tunnel & over old trestle bridges.

Trans Canada:
Santa Rosa - Cascade

Length 4.5 km HIKING Easy
Ascent 36 m BIKING Easy
Descent 58 m HORSE Easy

Cross the Kettle River on the old rail bridge, now with deck and railing. Look for roaming cattle in the open valley below & prepare yourself to experience the roar of the Cascade Gorge. The 3% trail grade provides enjoyment for the whole family.

Texas Creek

Length 2 km HIKING Easy
Ascent n/a BIKING Intermed.
Descent n/a

Previously an old wagon road this trail follows high above the waters of Texas Creek. Try to find the historical homesteader’s site including the remains of a log cabin and standing fruit trees amongst open glades.

There`s Willis

Length 626 m HIKING n/a
Ascent 0 m BIKING Expert
Descent 110 m

BIKING ONLY. Steep, loose terrain containing many stunts including teeter totters, bridges, a-frames & a roller coaster. LOOK before you ride, stunts are not what they appear to be (eg. drops are actually teeters). Coupled with mixed forests, great views of Christina Crest make for a great ride.

Verticle Smile

Length 10 km HIKING Intermed.
Ascent 27 m BIKING Difficult
Descent 895 m

Starting as an alpine single track, then double track leading from the summit of Mt. St. Thomas down to Fife Rd. Layer up for this multi-weather trail taking you from the summit alpine south, passing through meadows until you reach an old logging road.

Westlake - TNT

Length 4.6 m HIKING Difficult
Ascent 107 m BIKING Difficult
Descent 529 m

As a hiking trail it is loose & steep in sections but follows along the ridge line providing landscape views east & south including the stunning Nakade Lookout. Originally a classic single-track mountain bike trail, the steep uphill sections & technical descents will keep all types of mountain bikers entertained. Trails forks 300m in with access to Wheelchair Trail.


Length 1.4 km HIKING n/a
Ascent 0 m BIKING Expert
Descent 367 m

BIKING ONLY. This mature bike trail features tall stunts, root covered slopes, steep rock slab descents & jumps. Fairly technical track makes for a fun & challenging ride. WATCH for stunts that may be rotten & in need of repair. Trails forks 300m in with access to West Lake (TNT) Trail.

Xenia Lake

Length 6.2 m HIKING Expert
Ascent 750 m BIKING Expert
Descent n/a

Starting at the Troy Creek Campground, enjoy rustic style amenities (outhouses, picnic areas, & fire pits) right on the beach! Once on-trail steep & technical descents/ascents will bring you to stunning views of Christina and Xenia Lakes leaving you breathless.